Gracilaria chilensis and other

Gracilaria chilensis:

Is a genus of red algae (Rhodophyta) of economic importance for the production of agar and for the alimentary use of humans and of several species of shellfish, it is also used as an ingredient of gelatine, which helps it to have that texture.

It covers great part of the Chilean territory, it is of easy access for its extraction altogether to the artisanal fishermen


The plant measures up to 30 m in length forming a canopy on the surface of the sea, and adhere to the substrate by means of an adhesive basal disc. It inhabits subtidal rocky environments up to 40 m. Of depth, preferably protected. In semi-exposed environments to the wave form small grasslands mixed with huiro palo. It has a wide distribution worldwide, in Chile the prairies have a distribution in patches from Arica to Cape Horn. However, the largest biomass is located from Puerto Montt to the south.



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